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May 2022

Neuraltherapie bei Schmerzen

Abstract: The target of neural therapy in the case of the treatment of pain is the autonomic nerve system, i. e. the nerve system which serves as a mediator between soma and psyche.The dermatovisceral organ zones, e. g. of the stomach, are located ventrally especially in the epigastrium, dorsally between the left scapula and the vertebral column and at the scapula angle. These are at the same time the main zones of pain in the case of gastric trouble.The zone of the stomach is known as dermatome or Head's zone and is connected via the nerve roots of the segments of the vertebral column, the communicating branches, the coeliac plexus with the gastric plexus so that a therapeutical influence from the skin to the stomach is possible.The vegetative fibers of die vagus nerve also reach the gastric plexus and justify a neural therapy via these nerves.For there is a vegetative transmission of information via the adventitia of vessels, in addition to a removal of pain an improvement of the blood circulation via a purposeful neural therapeutic injection is possible, which means, that not only pain is removed but also an additional healing is initiated.

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