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August 2022

Die Kostenerstattung biologischer Heilmittel bei Krebserkrankungen in der ärztlichen Praxis

Author(s): Irmey, G.

Abstract: It is not only among specialists, that there is a controversial discussion about the extent and the use of biological drugs with cancer diseases. Until now there are hardly any reliable statements about the fact, how many cancer patients are additionally treated with biological drugs, which drugs are prescribed or how the physicians behave in the case of the prescription and the health insurance agencies in the case of reimbursement. The aim of a survey all over Germany, which was initiated and carried out by the Gesellschaft für Biologische Krebsabwehr e. V. from July until November 1995, was to record valid data with respect to this topic.As it could be expected, the survey showed a certain inhomogenity, especially with respect to the practices of reimbursement of the state health insurance agencies. It also showed, that despite restrictive regulations in the case of the prescription of biological drugs with respect to carcinoma diseases and a frequent percentage excess concerning the costs for drugs, the majority of the people who were asked, are not dissatisfied with their health service.

Keyword(s): Biologische Arzneimittel

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