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January 2022

DNA-Stabilizing Effects of Viscum album L - Is there a Rationale for Adjuvant Treatment with Chemotherapy?

Author(s): Jurin, M., Zarkovic, N., Azhari, T., Schweizer, K.

Abstract: Viscum m album L. (VAL) extracts are widely used as adjuvant cancer therapy. Research suggests that VAL stimulates the immune system unspecifically and, by mediation of mistletoe lectins, exerts cytostatic/cytotoxic activities. In addition, VAL possesses DNA-stabilizing properties on mononuclear cells of the peripheral blood (PBMC); however, in cultured amniotic fluid cells, the cytostatic effects are even greater. In cultured PBMC, the whole plant extract Helixor A (10 mg/ml) significantly reduced the number of spontaneous and cyclophosphamide-induced DNA lesions. This drug extract protected cultured T cells of activation-associated surface molecules, specifically CD25 (interleukin-2 receptor a chain) and CD71 (transferrin receptor), against cyclophosphamide-mediated Depression Purified components (mistletoe lectins I/II/III and viscotoxins) did not prevent the activation marker Depression mediated by cyclophosphamide. In a murine model and in cultured leukemic Jurkat T cells, VAL produced no protective effect; however, cytotoxic effects were observed against malignant cells. 'Mus, based on these findings, a scientific basis exists for applying VAL extracts either with or after conventional chemotherapy.

Keyword(s): Viscum album L

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