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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
January 2022

Der Einfluß der Umwelt auf den Eigenrhythmus - die Auswirkungen auf den Lungenfunktionskreis und die Möglichkeit der Harmonisierung mit Qigong

Abstract: Today it is very difficult to find one's own rhythm and to live according to it. We are constantly approached with expectation concerning our organization of time. These expectations often do not correspond to our rhythm, which is determined by working hours, the pressure during work, i. e. to finish everything as fast as possible, a changed rhythm of day and night, by long TV sessions and night shifts.When we loose our rhythm, this influences the feedback circuit of the lung, whose important function is the defence against infections, the feedback circuit of the liver, which can not be slowed down in the sense of the sequence of controlling, but which rather becomes "high-spirited". This can result in tension, cramping, irritation and high blood pressure.A favorable method of treatment is Qigong, which rhythmizes via slow movements, respiration becomes slower and it also has a rhythmizing effect. And advantage is, that everybody can exercise one's own rhythm.

Keyword(s): Funktionskreis Lunge

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