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June 2022

Establisment of a Model System for Detection of Differing Effects of Homoeopathic Potency and Equally Concentrated Dilution Using Uricase from Hog Liver as an Example

Author(s): Harisch, G.

Abstract: Introduction: Uricase from bog liver is an enzyme catalyzing the conversion of urate to allantoin. Based on this reaction sequence a detection system of this enzyme was established and its applicability was tested in the presence of two agents. Objective: The main target was to establish a model and to ascertain with its help differences in the effect of homoeopathic potencies and equally concentrated conventional dilutions on the catalytic activity of the enzyme. Methods: As test substances arsenicum album (AS203) and potassium cyanatum (KCN) in potencies and dilutions, respectively, of D4 and 10-4, D6 and 10-6, D8 and 10-8, D12 and 10-12 were used. In the presence of these preparations the catalytic acitivity of the enzyme was determined by a spectrophotometric assay. Results: 1. In the presence of potassium cyanatum in potency or dilution step D4 or 10-4, respectively, a nearly complete inhibition of enzyme activity was found. 2. At D6 or 10-6 respectively, the activity differences were found to be statistically relevant (p,< 0.001). After modification of the assay system (preincubation of the enzyme together with agent) these differences continued to exist. 3. Enzyme kinetic investigations in the presence of potassium cyanatum in potency step D6 showed a K. value of 0.114 0.021 mM and a Vmax value of 0.718 0.070 mmol x mift-1 x mg-1. In the case of dilution Step 10-6 a K. value of 0.0700.011 mM and a Vmax value of 0.421 0.026 mmol x min-1 x mg-1 was obtained. 4. Uricase activity was in no way affected by potencies and dilutions of arsenicum album. Conclusions: With the aid of a cell-free system it is possible to detect differing effects - using stimulation or inhibition of the catalytic activity of an enzyme as indicator - of potency and equally concentrated dilution. Thereby it is important to combine the right parameter with the appropriate agent.

Keyword(s): Arsenicum album (AS203)

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