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January 2022

Clinical Trials of Homoeopathy: A Re-Analysis of a Published Review

Author(s): Resch, K.

Abstract: Objective: To investigate whether an analysis of clinical trials of homoeopathy available on MEDLINE yields similar results as an exhaustive 3-years' search. Methods: Re-evaluation of the material on clinical trials of homoeopathy published by Kleijnen et al. (BMJ 1991;302:316-320). Main Outcome Measures.- MEDLINE listing (yes/no), journal type (homoeopathic/non-homoeopathic), quality score (upper half/lower half), language (English/German/French) and type of condition treated (acute/chronic). Results: The results show that the basic conclusion relating to the effectiveness of homoeopathy is similar, regardless of whether it is based on a simple MEDLINE search or on an in-depth search of the existing literature. There is evidence to suggest that specialized journals are less critical than general ones. Finally, the data confirm that confining a review to the English language could limit its validity. Conclusion: A 'best evidence synthesis' might yield a valid conclusion on similar subjects.

Keyword(s): Hom÷opathie (▄bersichtsarbeit)

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