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Biophysikalische Informationstherapie (Bioresonanztherapie) bei Schmerzen

Journal/Book: Erfahrungsheilkunde. 1996; 5: 303-306.

Abstract: Empiric medicine has several, interesting strategies of a successful pain therapy. A relatively new model is the concept of bioresonance therapy (BRT) or system information therapy (SIT). Starting from the bio-energetic principles of the quantum and resonance medicine, the BRT embodies a technical method of the electromagnetic oscillation therapy - the, ¬Ącontrol system information". BRT (SIT) integrates findings of the electromagnet therapy, homeopathy, nosode therapy, acupuncture, neural therapy, psychotherapy and other bio-energetic and informative resonance therapies (Chakras, gem, tone, color, minerals etc.).BRT is a very individual form of therapy, which works with endogenous and/or fine material natural environmental signals. The procedures of bio-energetic test methods (EAV, VEGA, kinesiology, RAC, biotensor) are its diagnostical basis.Main goals of the BRT are: 1. Neutralization or reduction of pathological energy fields (electromagnetic interference patterns, which are emitted by- ill organs, noise fields, toxins, allergens, viruses etc.) from the oscillating field of the body by inverse reentry oscillation of these interfering frequency; 2. Stimulation and strengthening of physiological oscillations of the body; 3. Harmonization of energetically disturbed balances of the axes of the body, the quadrants of the body and the acupuncture meridians.Effects of the BRT are mainly present in the case of allergenic diseases, immunodeficiency and numerous psychosomatic diseases. Side effects seldom occur and are normally harmless. Contra-indications are not known. BRT can be combined with other, especially naturopathic therapies.We report about our own experience with BRT (SIT) in the case of painful diseases and we present case reports. Although there do not exists sufficient scientifically recognized studies, the partly good to very good successes in numerous reports of the bioresonance therapeutists justify the use of this relatively time consuming oscillation therapy.

Keyword(s): Biophysikalische Informationstherapie (BIT)

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