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January 2022

Geschichte der Homöopathie in Sachsen

Journal/Book: Zeitschrift für Klassische Homöopathie. 1996; 40/3: 108- 119.

Abstract: The drug test, which Hahnemann carried out with his investigatorsduring his time at Leipzig, are among the best ones we know. From his former cirlce of scholars, 2 groups singled out, the "pure ones" as his strict adherents and the "free ones" which were more critical in maintaining the basis principles. Unfortunately, the dispute between them as well as personal differences and financial difficulties have put an early ent to both hospitals at Leipzig (1833 - 1842 and 1887 - 1901). Despite all adversities, the ambulant clinic at Leipzig existed from 1842 until the end of Worl War II. Many patients were treated successfully with homoeopathy and many physicianc were trained in homoeopathy. Finally, the tradition of drug tests has been resumed in the twenties and thirties. In conclusion, the ethical thoughts of Hahnemann are dealt with.

Keyword(s): Homöopathische Krankenhäuser und Poliklinik in LEipzig, Differenzen zwischen den verschiedenen Richtungen, Arzneimittelprüfungen (AMP) in Leipzig ung Dresden im 20. Jahrhundert, ethische Gedanken Hahnemanns

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