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January 2022

Fagorutin buckwheat herb tea in chronic venous insufficiency

Author(s): Radtke, H., Hoffmann, K., Jung, F., Müller, A., Grützner, K., Kiesewetter, H.

Abstract: n a clinical trial with 67 patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency, stage 1 and 11, the edema protective effect of a buckwheat herb tea (Fagorutin) was studied measuring the reduction in foot and lower leg volume. Besides this confirmatory main variable the clinical symptom score was also investigated as well as the diameter of the femoral veins, capillary permeability (the first 20 patients), and clinical chemistry, hematological and urinary safety parameters.The clinical efficacy with respect to an edema protection was demonstrated. Patients unter active treatment accumulated almost 100 ml less fluid than patients receiving the placebo treatment during the 12 weeks of treatment. This effect was significant (p < 0,05) and clinically relevant. After 4 weeks without treatment this effect was no longer evident. This leads to the conclusion that the treatment with Fagorutin is a long-term therapeutic measure.The subjective symptom score determined from scoring tenseness, feeling of heaviness, swelling, pain, paresthesia, cramps, burning feet, restless legs, and itching was reduced in the same way in both groups. Only 3 patients in each group complained before and after treatment of the same ailments. This demonstrates a good patient guidance with highly motivated patients also in the placebo group.The clinical efficacy of the buckwheat herb tea Fagorutin is based on effects on the macro as well as micro circulation. In almost half of the patients diameter reductions in the femoral vein of both upper legs were observed. Also, the capillary permeability was relevantly reduced in 50 % of the patients.The safety parameters (hepatic enzymes, ions, urea, creatinine, uric acid, glucose, total protein, total bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, blood count including differential blood count, sedimentation rate) and urinary parameters (erythrocytes, protein, glucose, ketone bodies, leukocytes, pH, and sediment) were not influenced by Fagorutin. Only the PTT was prolonged with respect to a better protection against deep venous thrombosis. Undesired drug effects did not occur, only one undesired event in the placebo group with a deep venous lower leg thrombosis. Therefore, the clinical efficacy of Fagorutin buckwheat herb tea was demonstrated as a safe therapeutic measure.

Keyword(s): Fagorutin-tea

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