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January 2022

Beurteilung der antioxidativen Homöostase in der Praxis der Erfahrungsmedizin: Normwerte und Veränderungen beim Heilfasten

Author(s): Popov, I.

Abstract: The registration of chemiluminescence (CL) is a method of choice for the judgement of antioxidative homeostasis in the human organism. The hydrogen peroxide stimulated CL is a suitable tool measuring of oxidative damage to blood plasma, the photoinduced CL can be used to quantify its antioxidant properties.142 healthy blood donors have been investigated. The integral antioxidant capacity of water- and lipid-soluble substances of blood plasma and their physiologically very important constituents vitamins C and E were measured. A significantly negative correlation was found between the content of ascorbate in plasma and the intensity of hydrogen peroxide stimulated CL of plasma proteins and lipoproteins (r = - 0.4, p < 0.001). The values of all antioxidant parameters were lower and of CL higher by smokers in comparison to non-smokers. The results of this study were used as the "normal values" by investigations of antioxidant homeostasis under conditions of therapeutical fasting. The aim of our further investigation was to compare the changes of some pro- and antioxidant parameters of blood in the course of two selected therapy protocols: juice (JF) and slime (SF) fasting. The decrease in weight was the same in both JF and SF groups. Already after the first week the urate independent antioxidants dropped drastically in SF, but not in JF group. At the same time the rise of integral antioxidant capacity was 45 % during JF and 79 % during SE The substitution with vitamins is proposed to improve the well-being of patients during the fasting.

Keyword(s): Antioxidative Homöostase

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