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January 2022

Dose-dependent suppression of haloperidol-induced catalepsy by potentized Agaricus muscarius

Author(s): SINHA, B. , SP

Abstract: Agarius muscarius 30c, a potentized homoeopathic drug prepared by successive dilution with 90% alcohol followed by sonication, suppressed haloperidol-induced catalepsy in Swiss albino mice significantly. This anticataleptic effect was dose-dependent being greatest with the undiluted Agaricus 30c and least if diluted 1:20,000. Higher dilutions like 1:40,000 and 1:50,000 did not produce an anticataleptic effect. The effect reappeared when the 1:50,000 dilution was sonicated. The anticataleptic effect of potentized Agaricus was observed with the drug administered both before and after haloperidol. However, the pre-treatment effect was more pronounced than the post-treatment effect.lt is thought that potentized Agaricus contains an active principle that can be attenuated by dilution and multiplied by mechanical Agitation or sonication.

Keyword(s): Haloperidol

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