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November 2022

Multiple Sclerosis - A Western and an Eastern Perspective

Journal/Book: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur. 1996; 39/4: 81-89.

Abstract: Todays clinical treatment approach should address the whole, complex human organism. As H. Heine puts it: "... die Akupunktur [ist] als Regulationtherapie zu verstehen ... im Sinne der körperlich-seelisch-geistigen Einheit eines Individuums...". Benefits are seen in an integration of the Western and Eastern approach. New Insights are to be found where two sciences merge. Physicians and acupuncture practitioners should be interacting, incorporating ancient wisdom and Western experience, combine their knowledge in order to reduce disease and human suffering. During patient education considerable emphasis should be placed on diet, lifestyle and emotions, since they are important contributing factors to disease as well as to health. In healing and in prevention of MS, with it's incidious onset we need to remember that all biological events consist of electrical changes which through acupuncture therapy may be detectd and harmonized at a more easily reversible state long before any structural abnormalities have occured. H. Heine writes that "Organisms are energetically open and able to change energy and matter with their surroundings". It is hoped, that the recognition of the nations health crisis together with the dawn of an "American Acupuncture" helps toward a realization in the West that pathology may be seen as the manifestations of blockages, health as free flowing, unblocked balanced energy and acupuncture as the correction of energtic imbalances which natures innate recuperative capacities.

Keyword(s): Multiple Sklerose, Akupunktur, TCM.

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