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January 2022

Der Akupunkturpunkt - ein Meridianorgan

Journal/Book: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur. 1996; 39/4: 75-.

Abstract: Acupuncture points (AP) are characterized by a vessel-nerve bundle wrapped in a sheath of loose connective tissue. 82% of all classical AP are circumscript perforations of the superficial body fascia by the mentioned vessel-nerve bundle. The nerve of the AP bundle contains besides adrenergic axons, substance P and CGRP reactive ones. The bulk of the peptidergic axons is located in the adventitia of the main artery of the bundle. This leads to a direct antagonistic effect of AP on the sympathicus system AP generate local axon reflexes which could spread along a meridian. Reaching a distinct threshold axon reflexes start reactions of the central nervous system. Morphologically meridians are fascio-myo-tendinous kinetic chains. All events affecting such a chain are registered by AP causing a regulatory answer. The findings presented allow to speak of AP as organs coupling environmental effects with body regulation.

Keyword(s): Funktionelle Morphologie, Akupunkturpunkte, Meridiane.

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