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January 2022

Der Kopfschmerz, Diagnostik und Therapie bei Therapieresistenz

Journal/Book: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur. 1996; 39/5: 103-114.

Abstract: The complecity of the symptoms and individual modalities of the headache patient require a subtile case history, an exact analysis of the pain, and, if necaessary also an interdisciplinary diagnosis. A dysfunction in the masticatory system, the craniocervical angulation, trigger mechanisms and parafunctional pain factors may often be found in the foreground. Psychological aspects may also play a part in the development and aggravation of pain. Fields of disturbance in the dental-jaw-sinus region of the head are frequently found to be the cause and require the use of alll possible forms of diagnosis. All components have to evaluated in cases of mixed forms of migraine. Both, body and ear acupuncture therapy have convincingly proven their practical value in reducing of the amount of chemical medication required and in having a regulative, energetic-cybernetic effect.

Keyword(s): Kopfschmerz, Migräne, Dysfunktion im Kausystem, kraniomandibuläre Dysfunktion, Stärfelder, Triggermechanismen, Parafunktionen, psychische Faktoren, Anamnese, Schmerzanalyse, interdisziplinäre Diagnostik, Körperakupunktur, Ohrakupunktur.

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