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May 2022

Das Wichtigste aus meiner 35jährigen Erfahrung mit der Akupunktur

Journal/Book: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur. 1996; 39/5: 99-102.

Abstract: A report on the most important steps in acupuncture: clinical practice, research, trainiing of doctors and legislation over the period 1961 to today is presented. The start was the stabilisation of the autonomic nervous system after surgery and the ofjective study of the mechanisms underlying the effect of acupuncture by means of a variety of scientific methods and procedures and always in close co-operation with specialists in the various theoretical and clinical medical fields. The advantages have not only been the holistic approach in the clinical practice but also more economical treatments as well as the many years of research together with personages and acupuncture societies in particular in the German-speaking countries. Acupuncture has been officially recogniced as an interdisciplinary, independent specialised medical field in the former Czechoslovakia since 1976 and, since the beginning of 1994 also in the Republic of Slovakia.

Keyword(s): Wissenschaftlicher Zutritt, Forschungsergebnisse, Ökonomie, offizielle Akupunkturanerkennung.

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