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September 2019

Complement Ther Nurs Midwifery. 1995 Dec; 1(6): 159-64.

The management of pregnancy and labour with homoeopathy.

Katz T.

London Homoeopathic Hospital, UK.

The problematic effects of many conventional medications indicated during pregnancy have prompted some women to turn to homoeopathy, as a safe and effective treatment option for pregnancy-related symptoms. Homoeopaths take into account both physical and mental symptoms in case-taking; and use medicines which have been clinically tested on healthy human beings in very low doses. There are no toxic effects of homoeopathic remedies due to the extremely low doses used. Homoeopathy can be used to enhance the patients overall well-being and for specific problems that may arise during pregnancy and labour (Castro 1992; Handley 1993; Webb 1992, Zaren 1987). There are probably more than 2000 homoeopathic remedies that could be useful for treating ailments during pregnancy (Jansen 1992; Murphy 1993; Webb 1992). This article will focus on the common problems that could occur during pregnancy and labour, and will give brief keynote features of a few of the possible homoeopathic remedies used in their treatment. Nurses and midwives may find a little knowledge about the homoeopathic treatments useful in managing patients during pregnancy, although all treatment used during pregnancy should be carried out by an experienced homoeopath in conjunction with an obstetric medical team.

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