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September 2019

J Altern Complement Med. 1995 Winter; 1(4): 387-91.

Exploring homeopathic resources on the Internet: HOMEOWEB.

van Galen E.

Dolisos Homeopathic and Biotherapeutic Agency, Stedebroec, The Netherlands.

Electronic mail and other forms of communication on the Internet are especially important for complementary medicine disciplines, like homeopathy, which lack an efficient academic network for research purposes. The main advantages of using the Internet for homeopathy are outlined in this article. The first step to developing an electronic communications network was to create a Homeopathic Internet Resources List, which is available on-line now, and is being updated constantly. This references the great homeopathic libraries and reference databases. Most of these have been made accessible electronically through the Internet or by e-mail, although many homeopathic physicians are still unaware of the power of Internet communication. Since the summer of 1995 the HOMEOWEB webserver has tried to bring together scientific information on all aspects of homeopathic therapy on the Internet. This service will be enlarged in the near future, and the aim is to promote the Internet as the primary means of worldwide communication among the homeopathic community, ensuring that homeopathy survives into the next century.

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