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August 2019

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1995 ; 20(3): 33-5.

[Effect of acupuncture on the contents of enkephalins in different brain regions of rats with traumatic shock]

Ma C, Tan L, Wang C, Zhao X.

Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, China Academy of TCM, Beijing.

The study was carried out on the animal model of traumatic shock which induced by ligating bilateral hind legs. The contents of enkephalins in hippocampus, striatum, hypothalamus, diencephalon and brain stem were determined with radioimmunoassay. The results show that: (1) when traumatic shock occurs, the contents of Met-enkephalin are not obvious change in the above 5 brain regions, and also not significant change after acupuncture; (2) there is a tendency to increase the content of Leu-enkephalin in each brain region described above of shock animal, while it is decreased in hypothalamus after acupuncture. The result suggests that the occurrence of traumatic shock may be related to the functional activities of Leu-enkephalinergic system in the central nervous system; the anti-shock of acupuncture may be through a decrease in the level of central Leu-enkephalin to improve micro-circulation and raise the blood pressure.

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