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September 2019

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1995 ; 20(2): 63-7.

[Influence of changing Ca++ concentration in neiguan (PC 6) on the effect of acupuncture treating experimental arrhythmia of rabbits]

Zhang Y, Guo Y, Wang X, Shi L, Miao W, Xu T, Zhang C.

Acupuncture Department, Tianjin College of TCM.

We have made two kinds of experimental arrhythmia of rabbits by injecting aconitine and stimulating hypothalamus. Acupuncture could improve arrhythmia, after Ca++ in Neiguan (PC6) was chelated with EDTA solution the effect of acupuncturing Neiguan (PC6) was abolished. It indicates that Ca++ may be the key factor of acupuncture effect and one of the important material bases of the functional activity of meridians and collaterals.

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