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August 2019

Zhongguo Yao Li Xue Bao. 1995 Sep; 16(5): 431-4.

Expressions of preproenkephalin mRNA during electroacupuncture analgesia enhanced by fenfluramine.

Li XY, Zhu CB, Zhu YH, Xu SF.

State Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology, Shanghai Medical University, China.

AIM: To study the changes of preproenkephalin (PPE) mRNA in rat brain in response to electroacupuncture (EA) combined with fenfluramine (Fen), a releaser of 5-HT. METHODS: In situ hybridization histochemistry technique was used to observe the expression of PPE mRNA in rat brain during EA analgesia potentiated by Fen. RESULTS: The greatest relative increase of PPE mRNA was seen in lumbar spinal cord (laminae I & II), nucleus raphe magnus, dorsal raphe nucleus, periaqueductal gray, interpeduncular nucleus, preoptic lateral area, amygdala nucleus and caudate-putamen (P < 0.01, vs NS + EA). Moderate increases were found in lateral septal, preoptic medial area, hypothalamus ventromedial nucleus, lumbar spinal laminae III & IV (P < 0.05, vs NS + EA). Thalamus showed no statistical significant change in PPE mRNA. CONCLUSION: The enhancing of PPE mRNA in relative brain nuclei is involved in potentiating action of Fen on EA.

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