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September 2019

Indian J Public Health. 1995 Jan-Mar; 39(1): 23-5.

Knowledge & practices of urban and rural high school children regarding minor injuries.

Singh AJ, Kaur A.

Department of Community Medicine, P.G.I., Chandigarh.

High school students of urban (112) and rural area (110) were surveyed in 1990-91 to assess their knowledge and practices for regarding management of minor injuries. A variety of lacal application for wound were described. Burnol, Vaseline, talcum powered GV paint, mercurochrome were told only by urban students while irritating on wound was told only by rural students. Washing of wound with water, use of termeric, ointment, dettol, leaves spirit, sucking were told more by urban students while more of rural students told about use of mustard oil & mobile oil. Need of tetanus toxoid and immediate washing of would was told more by urban students. Need of relevant health education is emphasized.

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