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July 2020

Obes Res. 1995 Dec; 3 Suppl 5(): 667S-673S.

Effects of auricular acupuncture stimulation on nonobese, healthy volunteer subjects.

Shiraishi T, Onoe M, Kageyama T, Sameshima Y, Kojima T, Konishi S, Yoshimatsu H, Sakata T.

Department of Neurophysiology, Tokai University School of Medicine, Isehara, Japan.

Effects of auricular acupuncture stimulation on nonobese healthy volunteers were investigated. Subjects (n = 35) averaged 34.5 years old, and BMI was 25.3 kg/m2. Small (0.15 x 2.0 mm) auricular needles were applied intracutaneously into the bilateral cavum conchae that was identified by having less than 100 k omega resistance. Body weight was measured four times a day and charted by the subjects themselves. Results showed that, in the period 11-2, in which only body weight was measured, without auricular acupuncture stimulations, 57.1% of the subjects reduced their body weight. This indicates that charting body weight themselves might be useful to maintain their weight. In the auricular acupuncture treated period, 19 (70.4%) out of 27 decreased (p < 0.01), 5 (18.5%) was increased, and 3 (11.1%) had no change in body weight. In conclusion, the results suggest that success in maintaining weight reduction can be attributed to graphic illustration of one's weight pattern. Bilateral auricular acupuncture stimulation can also reduce body weight of healthy non-obese subjects. This is consistent with the suggestion that it might be effective in the treatment of obese patients.

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