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September 2019

Trop Geogr Med. 1995 ; 47(2): 94-5.

Acute renal failure associated with freshwater fish toxin.

Sahoo RN, Mohapatra MK, Sahoo B, Das GC.

Department of Nephrology and Medicine, Medical College, Orissa, India.

Clinical observations on toxicity after ingestion of gall bladder of Labeo rohita, a freshwater fish found commonly in India, were recorded from 22 patients between 1985 to 1990. The gall bladder in raw, cooked or desiccated form was swallowed as a traditional method of treatment for various chronic diseases. Patients generally presented with gastrointestinal symptoms such as cramping pain, nausea and vomiting within 12 hours (mean 4.6 +/- 3.7 hours) after ingestion. Subsequently renal failure was observed in all and hepatic dysfunction in some (36.3%) patients. The outcome in general is good. From the clinical course the role of toxic substance(s) is presumed as the causative factor(s), which needs further evaluation.

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