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September 2019

Medinfo. 1995 ; 8 Pt 2(): 1032.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) expert system in postpartum nursing.

Shi PY.

Shanghai Nanshi Maternity and Infant Health Hospital, Ren Ming Road 841, Shanghai 200010 China.

The method of TCM treatment is highly appreciated by Chinese people, because it is safe, without side effects, widely applicable, gives good results, and uses natural medicinal herbs. It is an ideal natural cure that will make contributions to the health of patients all over the world. The superiority of TCM nursing and treatment should be brought into full play--it is an active nursing method which deserves recommendation for postpartum nursing. This paper introduces the TCM expert system in postpartum nursing and discusses the features of TCM treatment and nursing by using concepts of modern cybernetics. The human body can be considered a high-level automatic control system in which there are many transinformation mediums, for example, neuro-system, humoral-system, meridian system (the response along the channels during acupuncture) etc. They stem from the very long process of evolution. Through the action of them, the body can adapt environments; keep normal metabolism and immunity; and possess the functions of compensation , learning, and self-repair, for example, conditioned reflexes, vaccination, etc. In general, the balancing tendency of dynamic body stays normal homeostate. If the body is ill, then its dynamic balancing tendency will be changed. TCM doctors can make use of remedy, acupuncture, and massage, etc. to regulate the balancing tendency of dynamic body to induce the defending ability itself and recover normal homeostate of body. The TCM nursing expert system in postpartum nursing has been finished. Its working environment must be CCDOS or UCDOS edition 3.0 and above. The hardware environment is PC/286, 386, or 486.

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