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September 2019

Am J Chin Med. 1995 ; 23(3-4): 313-8.

Effect of acupuncture at the Hoku point on vibration-induced finger flexion reflex in man: comparison between press needle technique, electroacupuncture, and in-situ technique.

Takakura N, Ogawa H, Iijima S, Nishimura K, Kanamaru A, Sibuya M, Homma I.

Hanada College-Japan School of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Physiotherapy, Tokyo, Japan.

Effects of press needle technique (PN), electroacupuncture (EA), or in-situ technique (IS) on vibration-induced finger flexion reflex (VFR) were examined in 31 healthy adults. VFR, which is tonic finger flexion evoked by vibration applied to the finger tip, was induced by vibrating the volar side of the middle finger tip before and after acupuncture. Acupuncture was applied to the Hoku point on both sides. The three techniques, each studied on separate days, inhibited VFR and there was no significant difference in VFR inhibition among the three techniques (percentage of pre-acupuncture VFR was 71.5 +/- SE 2.2% after PN, 72.6 +/- SE 2.4% after EA, and 75.6 +/- SE 2.8% after IS). The results suggest that afferent signals from muscles contracting due to electrical stimulation had no significant effect on the reflex arcs of VFR; and that the intradermal stimulation by acupuncture played a significant role in VFR inhibition.

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