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September 2019

J Tradit Chin Med. 1995 Sep; 15(3): 209-13.

Anti-inflammatory effects of tianrong acupoint on blood vessels of dura mater.

Yu S, Kuang P, Zhang F, Liu J.

Dept. of Neurology, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Postgraduate Medical School, Beijing, China.

Although Tianrong acupoint (SI 17) is used for migraine headache, its mechanism of action remains obscure. The effects of Tianrong acupoint therapy on neurogenically-mediated plasma protein extravasation (125I-BSA) in rat dura mater induced by electrical stimulation of the right trigeminal ganglion was studied. When the unilateral trigeminal ganglion was stimulated (5 Hz, 1.2 mA, 5 msec for 5 min), the ratio of stimulated side/unstimulated side (cpm/mg) was 1.6663 +/- 0.0217. The plasma extravasation was blocked by different kinds of treatment in different degrees. The order of the ratio was as follow: Tianrong acupoint therapy (1.0917 +/- 0.0266) and Tianrong electrical needle therapy (1.1281 +/- 0.0227) < Tianrong acupoint injection with normal saline (1.325 +/- 0.0444) < Quchi acupoint (LI 11) injection with prednisolonum (1.5284 +/- 1.1624). The results indicated that Tianrong acupoint therapy could inhibit the neurongenic inflammation on the affected side.

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