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August 2019

Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 1995 Jan; 15(1): 28-30.

[Analysis of treatment in 84 cases of severe pancreatitis]

Qi QH, Xue CR, Wang PZ.

General Hospital, Tianjin Medical University.

84 patients who suffered from severe pancreatitis were treated in our hospital. In order to compare the efficacy of different therapy in early, middle and recent stages, the patients were divided into 3 groups. In early stage group (Jan, 1983-Dec, 1985) the treatment mainly was surgical drainage of the pancreas, the mortality was 72.7%. In middle stage group (Jan, 1986-Jan, 1989) the main treatment consisted of incision and decompression of pancreatic capsule, debridement of pancreas and inhibiting pancreatic secretion, the mortality decreased to 34.8%. In recent stage group (Jan, 1990-Jan, 1994) the therapy was Integrated Chinese Traditional and Western Medicine which comprised the method used in middle stage with TCM including acupuncture depending upon the syndrome. The mortality further lowered to 25.6%.

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