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July 2020

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1995 Jan-Mar; 20(1): 15-20.

A neuromagnetic study of acupuncturing LI-4 (Hegu).

Yang ZL, Ouyang Z, Cheng YG, Chen YX.

Institute of Biomedical Engineering, South-Central College Wuhan/Hubei, P.R. China.

The brain magnetic fields evoked by acupuncturing LI-4(Hegu) were measured by using SQUID (superconductive Quantum Interference Device) Biomagnetometer, and the morphological characters of these biomagnetic fields were examined in 12 subjects. The observed phenomenon of the LI-4(Hegu)'s projection area overlapping on the jaw's and face's projection area suggests that excitation of LI-4 (Hegu)'s projection area activated by acupuncturing LI-4(Hegu) could inhibit action of the jaw's and face's projection through the overlapping area, and this is the reason why the acupuncturing LI-4(Hegu) could effectively case pains in the treatment of dental pain.

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