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September 2019

Ter Arkh. 1995 ; 67(8): 42-5.

[Bronchial nonspecific reactivity in patients with bronchial asthma and in the preasthmatic state and its alteration under the influence of acupuncture]

Aleksandrova RA, Nemtsov VI, Petrova MA, Lavrova OV, Trofimov VI, Sinitsina TM, Dotsenko EK.

The development of nonspecific bronchial hypersensitivity and hyperreactivity in bronchial asthma and effectiveness of its correction with acupuncture were investigated in 152 patients with asthma and preasthma. 94 of them were subjected to acupuncture. The authors employed a complex of diagnostic methods with determination of 241 parameters processed later with the use of systemic modelling. Bronchial hypersensitivity as indicated by the response to acetylcholine was related to impaired coordination of bronchomotor tone regulating systems: parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, eosinophilic and monocytic bronchial inflammation, glucocorticoid homeostatic alterations. The corrective role of acupuncture consists in reduction of nonspecific bronchial hyperreactivity, normalization of blood acetylcholine, resensitization of cell beta-adrenergic receptors, elevation of mean concentrations of 11-OCS and T-lymphocytes.

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