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July 2020

Bull Indian Inst Hist Med Hyderabad. 1995 ; 25(1-2): 216-25.

Historical introduction of acupuncture in India.

Bakshi D, Mukherjee B, Basu S, Pal S, Chatterjee J.

Indian Research Institute for Integrated Medicine (IRIIM) Mourigram Stationpara, West Bengal, India.

Acupuncture, though originated in oriental countries in the ancient times but, its philosophical understanding is amazingly wide open to the modern medical science. Historically, records are there regarding its Indian origin. However, acupuncture practised today in Indian sub-continent mainly shows Chinese origin and its introduction to India was pioneered by Dr. B.K. Basu, the first Indian who learned Chinese acupuncture from mainland China during 1959. It is interesting enough to note that though acupuncture is successfully practised in India in a rejuvenated form for the last few decades but due to lack of proper Governmental support this thereby suffers from under utilization and under development. While WHO suggested for its wider application and development through concerted Governmental efforts.

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