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July 2020

Yakushigaku Zasshi. 1995 ; 30(2): 125-33.

[The classification and therapeutical methods of cataract on Chinese medicine in the modern times]

Ohe H, Harima S, Kubo M.

Tokiwa Kampo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Osaka.

We investigated cataract-related description on the medical literatures written at China in modern times. In those days, the cataract was classified by the shapes of clouds on the crystalline lens. In present Chinese medicine, it has been interpreted that the senilecataract was showed Eneinaisyo. Hyoei-naisyo, Katsuei-naisyo, Zyuei-naisyo, Sanei-naysyo, Fuei-naisyo, Tinei-naisyo, Ohei-naisyo, Engetsuei-naisyo, Soukaei-naisyo, Hakueiohsin-naisyo and Kokusuigyoei-naisyo; these words were old names for cataract. We separately rethought about their symptoms from the description in the original literatures; however, they showed some symptoms which generally were not found on the senilecataract. On the other hand, the therapeutic methods mainly existed pharmacotherapy, surgical methods and treatments with acupuncture and moxibustion and their applications were each different according to the shapes of the clouds.

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