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September 2019

Yakushigaku Zasshi. 1995 ; 30(1): 18-24.

[Study of "Bishu Yakuen Ransho-Roku (the origin of herb garden in Owari Clan)]

Goto T, Yamaguchi S, Tanaka T.

Gifu Pharmaceutical University.

"Bishu Yakuen Ransho-Roku (The origin of herb garden in Owari Clan)" is in the possession of the Institution of Tokugawa Rinseishi in Tokyo. This paper was written about the origin of the herb garden established by Mr. Shinken Mimura, an herbalist in the Owari clan between 1735 and 1746. Mr. Shinken Mimura cultivated ginseng by according to the guide issued by the shogunate, but he found the methods unsuitable. Therefore, he made efforts to improve the cultivation of ginseng. As a result, he succeeded in the cultivation of good ginseng. He had contributed to the development of the production of ginseng in the Owari clan. He write this document so that his methods could be handed down for posterity. This document has two parts: one is the growth of ginseng in the form of a diary and the other is the conditions of cultivation as to seeding, fertilization, the counter-measures for damage due to blight and insects, and so on.

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