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September 2019

Chiropr Hist. 1995 Dec; 15(2): 63-9.

Daniel David Palmer's medical library: the founder was "into the literature."

Gaucher-Peslherbe PL, Wiese G, Donahue J.

Although initially dismissed as an "unlearned healer," D.D. Palmer has proven to be a literate if self-taught writer, editor, author and teacher, who utilized the medical literature of his day in a surprising manner in his many publications. An examination of his work in The Chiropractor's Adjustor demonstrated the exactness of his thought. Very few medical practitioners at his time in America could claim to be so well read as was Palmer. He was competent in the use of medical literature, and not at all the uneducated healer he was alleged to be. A project, related to this study, is underway to reassemble DD's library to permit further examination of Palmer's scholarship.

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