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July 2020

Chiropr Hist. 1995 Dec; 15(2): 51-4.

The neurocalometer: watershed in the evolution of a new profession.

Moore JS.

Department of History, Radford University, VA 24142, USA.

The Neurocalometer and its companion devices opened the way for a Pandora's box of instruments that often beguiled the chiropractor. Straight Palmerites were disheartened and confused by B.J.'s emphasis on machines; the definition of "pure" chiropractic was blurred. Some tried to recapture an ultrastraight chiropractic by following D.D.'s admonition that no electrical appliance should enter the adjusting room, while many with mixer tendencies moved toward pan-therapy, choosing from an array of instruments parading before them. Determining the efficacy of any particular one presented a daunting task and helped flame the fires of schism.

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