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January 2023

J Tradit Chin Med. 1993 Jun; 13(2): 107-14.

Clinical and experimental studies on shallow needling technique for treating childhood diarrhea.

Lin Y, Zhou Z, Shen W, Shen J, Hu M, Zhang F, Hu P, Xu M, Huang S, Zheng Y.

Qingchun Hospital, Zhejiang Province.

Treatment of diarrhea in children by shallow needling and by drugs was studied in 3 separate groups for comparison. For Group I, the lateral line II of the forehead was taken, i.e. the upper, middle and lower points of the line staring from Toulinqi (UB 15) vertically downwards to the place 1 cm below the hairline were selected. For Group II, shallow needling was done on body acupoints, the main points selected being Qihai (Ren 6), Shuifen (Ren 9), bilateral Tianshu (St 25), and bilateral Zusanli (St 36); the adjuvant acupoints were Taibai (Sp 3) and Gongsun (Sp 4). The depth of shallow needling was merely puncturing the skin. For Group III the drugs used were Liteling, Berberine, Gentamycin, Ampicillin, and SMZ Co. The results of treatment in Group I and II differed insignificantly, while both were significantly superior to drugs in Group III. Experimental studies also showed that shallow needling enhanced the humoral and cellular immunity and promoted the intestinal peristaltic function.

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