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May 2022

Ugeskr Laeger. 1993 Dec; 155(49): 4007-11.

[Acupuncture treatment of knee arthrosis. A long-term study]

Christensen BV, Juhl IU, Wilbek H, Bülow HH, Dreijer NC, Rasmussen HF.

Anaestesiafdelingen og ortopaedkirurgisk afdeling, Centralsygehuset i Nykøbing Falster.

The purpose of this study was to examine acupuncture treatment of patients with osteoarthrosis of the knee. Twenty-nine patients with a total of 42 osteoarthritic knees were randomized to two groups. Group A was treated while group B served as a no treatment control group for nine weeks. Analgesic consumption, pain and objective measurements were registered. In the second part of the study 17 patients (26 knees) continued with treatments once a months. Registrations were continued for a total study period of 49 weeks. Comparing group A with B, there was a significant reduction in pain, analgesic consumption and in most objective measures. In group A + B combined there was an 80% subjective improvement, and a significantly increased range of movement of the knee. Results were significantly better in those who had not been ill for a long time. The second part of the study showed that it was possible to maintain the improvements.

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