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November 2022

Minerva Chir. 1993 Nov; 48(21-22): 1313-7.

[Short-stay in patients surgically treated for thyroid disease]

Cannizzaro MA, De Maria A, Fazzi C, Mazzone G, Veroux PF, Terminella A, Tumminelli MG.

Istituto di Patologia Chirurgica III, Università degli Studi di Catania.

The improvement in anesthesiology and greater experience of medical staff have permitted short-stay surgery. The authors in this pages report their knowledge of thyroid short-stay surgery. Their series numbers twenty-two lobectomies for uninodular the thyroid disease and one enucleoresection for a nodule of pyramidal lobe. Short-stay surgery has been proposed to euthyroid patients, selected according to age, residence and health (lack of associated pathologies such as cardiopathy, bronchopathy, hepatopathy, nephropathy, allergy, calcemic disorders and dysphony) and confirmed in the presence of histological extemporary diagnosis of "adenoma" (21 cases). The histological extemporary diagnosis of "carcinoma" has lengthened hospital stay. Among the lobectomies, 21 were executed in general anaesthesia and 1 in acupuncture. The enucleoresection was executed in local anaesthesia. Only in eighteen cases was a "Penrose" deainage used, removed after 24 hours. The choice of thyroid short-stay surgery, particularly in day-hospital, must arise from a careful selection of patients. Besides, this surgery requires an administrative and sanitary structure which permits a constant patient's check at hare too.

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