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January 2023

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1993 ; 18(1): 75-82.

[The relations between acupuncture manipulations and responsive discharges of deep receptors]

Dong Q, Dong X, Li H, Chen D, Xian M.

Department of physiolog, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Sichuan Academy of TCM, Chengdu.

Twenty-nine rabbits were used. The spindle, tendon organ, light and heavy pressure receptors in medial gastrocnemius muscle were identified by recording discharges of single afferent fiber in medial gastrocnemius nerve from fine filaments by dissection. The discharge patterns of the receptors responding to the manipulations, i.c. lift and thrust, twist and twirl, rotate, scrape flick the needle and finger-pressure were observed. Data at 85 units were collected totally. Every type of deep receptor can react to any manipulation. The discharge patterns of different receptors were alike when stimulated with same manipulation, but there were different patterns while varying manipulations acting on the same receptor. These are due to the movement forms, the force amount, the time duration of the manipulations. All these facts are nearly the same as in cutaneous receptors. Acupuncture effect on deep receptors was not limited to one point but within a certain area, namely distant effect existed. The area size varied from receptor to receptor and from manipulation to manipulation. Because of the distant effect on receptors by acupuncture, and the lose of responsibility in units when receptor destroyed, we suggest that effective acupuncture stimulation is induced mainly due to the receptor deformation, which is caused by the stress from pressure, stretch and vibration of acupuncture. In view of the needling sensation is closely related to the curative effects, the receptors dealing with needling sensation are analysed according to this series works and other facts, we further advance the opinion that the receptors of deep pain are the chief material foundation to induce the sensation of hand needling.

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