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November 2022

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1993 ; 18(1): 53-7.

[Influences of acupuncture on gastroduodenal mucosal lesion and electrical changing induced by stress in rats]

Xiang L, Zhu F, Ma Y, Weng E, Tang G.

Shuguang Hospital of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Cellege.

Experiments were performed in 57 SD rats. The stress was induced by binding plus revolving (5.5 xg, 170 c/min, 10 min) or cold (0-4 degrees C, 30-60 min). Selected acupuncture points were "Zusanli" and "Weishu". Bipolar Ag-AgCl recording electrodes were respectively implanted on the serous membrane surface of the antrum, duodenum and on the abdominal skin corresponding to above areas. The results were as follows: (1) There are 63.2% individuals in the stress group which showed a large quantity of bleeding points spreading over the gastroduodenal mucosal membrane. The area density of lesion was 15.8-27.7%. Under microscope the signs emerged including mucosal blood vessel dilatation and hyperaemia, gland cell swelling, virlus broken and peeling off and lymph cell accumulating, etc. 84% individuals showed obvious inhibition of gastroduodenal electroactivities including that the amplitude of slow wave was lower, the frequency decreased even the rhythm was disordered, the number of fast wave reduced and the IDMEC III cycle was prolonged. (2) In the group of acupuncture plus stress only 16.7% individuals showed bleeding or hyperaemia, and the lesion area density was only 1.7%. Also the pathohistological changes were obviously decreased. Gastroduodenal electrical changes were hardly seen (27.2%) or the inhibitory state above were significantly reduced (54.5%) when compared with the stress group. There is strong reason to consider that acupuncture could effectively reduce the mucosal lesion and the electrical inhibition of stomach and duodenum induced by stress in rats.

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