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December 2022

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1993 ; 18(1): 14-20.

[Expression of C-fos protein in CNS following electroacupuncture of the "quanliao" and the electrostimulation of the rat tail]

Zhou Z, He L, Zhou J.

Dept. of Neurobiology, Shanghai Medical University, China.

In this experiment, three groups were used to detect c-fos expression in the CNS in the awake male, S.D. rats, i.e, EA of "Quanliao" (14 Hz), electrostimulation of the rat tail (0.4-0.6 mA) and the control. Fos was identified by ABC immunohistochemical method. The results were as follows: I. The labelling cellular nuclei of pain group are in the laminae I, II, V, VII, and X of the spinal cord the medial part of the frontal cortex (FC) and that of the EA group were in the trigeminal nucleus and the lateral area of the FC. The number of the labelling nuclei (n) of EA group war more than that of the pain group in the rostral ventromedical medulla, the lateral reticular, the solitary n. the popiaqueductal grey, the parafacicular n, the centromedian n. and the subparafascicular n, of the thalamus. 2. The labelling nuclei of EA and pain groups appear commonly in the dorsal raphe n., the locus ceruleus, the periventricular n. of the thalamus, the hypothalamue, the lateral habenular n., and the septal area. In the control animals, in general, the labelled nuclei were sparsely seen.

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