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December 2022

Probl Endokrinol (Mosk). 1993 May-Jun; 39(3): 21-4.

[Acupuncture therapy of constitution-exogenous obesity in children]

Gadzhiev AA, Mugarab-Samedi VV, Isaev II, Rafieva SK.

The authors have studied acupuncture efficacy as a method to potentiate body mass reduction and to normalize lipid metabolism in 62 children with constitutional exogenic obesity. Electroacupuncture was found to have a beneficial effect on various pathogenetic components of this patient population, which was confirmed by cessation of subjective complaints, body mass reduction and decrease of fatty tissue content, increased performance abilities, recovery of cardiovascular function, normalization of blood serum lipids. These data recommend acupuncture for comprehensive treatment of children with constitutional exogenic obesity.

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