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November 2022

Ter Arkh. 1993 ; 65(12): 22-4.

[The hemodynamic and neurohumoral correlates of the changes in the status of hypertension patients under the influence of acupuncture]

Akhmedov TI, Vasil'ev IuM, Masliaeva LV.

Course acupuncture with silver needles in auricular and corporal zones with additional effects of acupuncture zones in microneedle pressing produced a hypotensive action in 360 patients with initial essential hypertension. This effect registered in 82.1% of the patients exposed was not the only positive response as there was also a decline in hyperkinetic syndrome with a significant fall in energy consumption, reduction in circadian excretion of adrenaline, inhibition in the activity of plasma renin, normalization of lipid metabolism. The hypotensive effect in the majority of the patients persisted for 12 months. Hyperactivity of plasma renin, hypokinetic and extremely hyperkinetic hemodynamic types set limitations for the method efficacy.

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