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December 2022

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1993 Jul-Dec; 18(3-4): 185-94.

Ear acupuncture in psychosomatic medicine: the importance of the Sanjiao (triple heater) area.

Romoli M, Giommi A.

S.I.R.A.A.-Società Italiana di Riflessoterapia, Agopuntura, Auricoloterapia, Prato, Italy.

A group of 50 patients with possible psychosomatic disorders of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems were treated with Ear acupuncture. Together with a control group of 20 symptomless volunteers they received 4 weekly treatments and a final check of the therapy after 6 weeks. All subjects were examined with the MMPI test, Paykel's scale for stressful life events, and with the SRT scale (Symptom Rating Test) for measuring at each treatment the variations of anxiety, depression and somatisation levels. The results show a similar trend of response to Acupuncture in both groups, which was significantly more pronounced in the stress group for the reduction of the SRT score and the number of Ear acupuncture points. The outer ear was sensitized by stress response in certain recurrent areas, especially of the cavum conchae. The area with the highest relative density of Ear acupoints was the Sanjiao or Triple Heater area.

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