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November 2022

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1993 Apr-Jun; 18(2): 89-96.

Tinggong(SI 19), a novel acupoint for 2Hz electroacupuncture-induced depressor response.

Ku YH, Zou CJ.

Department of Physiology, Beijing Medical University, P.R. China.

In urethane-anesthetized, tubocurarine-immobilized and artificially ventilated rats, the specific electroacupuncture (EA, 2 Hz, 3 V) being delivered to bilateral "Tinggong (SI 19)-Quchi (LI 11)" induced a depressor response, while 10 Hz-EA, and 2 Hz-EA to either non-acupoints, "Hegu (LI 4)-Quchi" or "Taichong (Liv 3)-Quchi" did not. Pretreatment of either phentolamine, Propranolol or methyl atropine (i.v.) could markedly reduce the depressor response, indicating that the sympathetic vasoconstrictor nerve, the cardia sympathetic nerve and cardiac vagal nerve all are involved in the hypotensive response.

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