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December 2022

J Assam Science Society. 1993 Sep; 35(3): 162-9.

Induced abortion among the Pati Rabha women of Boko area, Kamrup district, Assam.

Sarma R, Das PB.

"Acceptance of induced abortion as a device of family planning among the Pati Rabha of Boko area [India] was studied. Out of 345 couples, practising various family planning devices, 86 (24.93%) accepted induced abortion. Of the total 629 conceptions of these 86 women, 137 (21.78%) conceptions were terminated by induced abortion....The highest percentage (18.24%) of the induced abortion was done at the 6th order of pregnancy, 62.79% of the women accepted the induced abortion only once in their reproductive period. Most (91.86%) of the acceptors were illiterate and all of them were house wives." Consideration is given to the use of traditional methods of inducing abortions.excerpt

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