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November 2022

Uisahak. 1993 ; 2(2): 142-58.

[Medical education in Taegu (1890-1945)]

Kee CD.

Key's Dental Clinic.

In Taegu, the Yaknyongshi was established as early as the 9th year of King Hyojong (1658) of the Chosen Dynasty, and in the 10th year of King Hyojong (1659) the "Tonguibogam" was published as a Yongyongbon edition by the Kyongsang Provincial Government. In fact, it may not be an exaggeration to say that Taegu was the base of the traditional medicine in Korea. In the meantime the general public began to become aware of the importance of Western medicine when Fr. Woodbridge O Johnson of the Northern Presbyerian Church introduced Western medicine by opening the "Miguk Yakpang" (American dispensary) and began to teach Western medicine to Korean youths. At that time, while constructing the Kyong for a war against Russia, Japanese began to establish hospitals in several majar cities and towns along the railway line and mobilized Tonginhae doctors. However, those medical facilities were solely for the benefit of Japanese people residing in Korea and had nothing to do with ordinary Koreans. The attached medical school of the Taegu Tonginuiwon failed, contrary to expectation, to turn out even a single Korean medical doctor. This hospital was later reorganized into Taegu Chahyeuiwon and was soon closed according to the policy of educational unification of the Government General Korea. ...

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