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September 2022

J Urol. 1992 Jan; 147(1): 16-8.

Acupuncture in the treatment of renal colic.

Lee YH, Lee WC, Chen MT, Huang JK, Chung C, Chang LS.

Department of Surgery (Urology) and Acupuncture, National Yang-Ming Medical College, Taiwan, Republic of China.

A prospective randomized study was performed to compare the effect of acupuncture and intramuscular Avafortan injection in the treatment of renal colic. Our results showed that acupuncture is as effective in relieving renal colic as Avafortan but it had a more rapid analgesic onset (3.14 +/- 2.88 minutes versus 15.44 +/- 7.55 minutes, p less than 0.05). Of the patients in the Avafortan group 7 (43.8%) had side effects, including skin rash in 3, tachycardia in 2, drowsiness in 1 and facial flush in 1. No side effects were noted in the acupuncture group. During 2 hours of observation acupuncture and Avafortan seemed to be ineffective in promoting stone passage. However, patients receiving Avafortan treatment were more likely to have paralytic ileus. In summary, acupuncture can be a good alternative for the treatment of renal colic.

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