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October 2022

Fortschr Med. 1992 Jun; 110(17): 311-4.

[Naturopathy as a contribution to cost control. Attempt at a cost analysis]

Wiesenauer M, Groh P, Häussler S.

Forschungsstelle Allgemeinmedizin, Universität Ulm.

OBJECTIVE: A data analysis has been performed to investigate to what extent naturopathy may contribute to reducing costs of medical care. METHODS: The study included anonymous data from the second quarter of 1988 obtained from the North-Württemberg Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung (insurance company). Physicians practicing in this area at that time were compared to a similarly large collective of those designated additionally as naturopaths and/or homeopaths. RESULTS: Differences between the two groups were significant with respect to drug costs and disability certificates however not with respect to physician fees.

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