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October 2022

J Diarrhoeal Dis Res. 1992 Mar; 10(1): 10-5.

Village health care providers in Matlab, Bangladesh: a study of their knowledge in the management of childhood diarrhoea.

Bhuiya A.

International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh, Dhaka.

This study was conducted among village health care providers in Matlab, Bangladesh in 1987. The objectives were to assess their knowledge of childhood diarrhoea and methods of management. All types of health care providers considered diarrhoea as a major childhood disease and opined that treatment should be initiated in case of four or more loose motions a day. Slightly more than half of the allopaths were aware of the scientific causes of diarrhoea; homeopaths and traditional healers in large proportions related diarrhoeal diseases with certain types of food, and 'evil eyes'. Eighty per cent of the allopaths reported use of oral rehydration solution in treating watery diarrhoea against 20% of the others. Prescription of antibiotics in treating dysentery was higher among allopaths than others. Allopaths were also less restrictive regarding continuation of breastfeeding and intake of food during diarrhoea among children.

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