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September 2022

Probl Vet Med. 1992 Mar; 4(1): 223-33.

The incorporation of acupuncture into a small animal practice.

Altman S.

Successful use of acupuncture in small animal practice on a day-to-day basis depends on an organized approach. The staff must be trained to answer telephone inquiries and client questions and to obtain a good history before appointments are scheduled. Colleagues must be ethically and professionally assured of a veterinarian's acupuncture credentials and capabilities, so that they will become a source of patient referrals. A proper examination must be conducted that incorporates traditional western veterinary practices with acupuncture, and the results must be properly recorded. A diagnosis should be established before therapy is initiated, and a plan of treatment set up. The prognosis, projected costs, length of treatment regimen, other means of treating the condition, and any possible sequelae should be discussed with the client. The patient should be monitored during the course of treatment, and reevaluated to determine whether or not changes in acupuncture prescription or additional modes of therapy or supportive care are needed. Communication with the client and the referring veterinarian should be a priority.

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